Highs and Lows and Mona Today

Highs and lows from amputation day to staple/suture removal day 

High #1: Mona cleaned the left side of her face with her left rear foot within 24 hours of surgery. I think she was really stoned because I haven’t seen her do it since.

High #2: I slept in the “nursery” with Mona and she came in to the bed to sleep with me after night #2.

High #3: Mona can run really fast. It must be some momentum propelling her forward. I think it’s like riding a biking, when going slow you wobble, when going fast you have your balance.

Low #1: Mona escaped the nursery, ran really fast up the stairs and peed on the carpet.

Low #2: Mona escaped the nursery, ran really fast up the stairs. The other cat and I ran after her. She ran really fast down the stairs, opened the door to the closet where she normally eats and peed.

Low #3: I was working at my desk in the nursery at my oak pedestal desk. One of the filing drawers was open. Mona jumped into the drawer and into the void behind the drawer. She peed.

High #4: I opened the nursery door, moved the litter box next to the garage door, threw out the new litter, poured in the old used litter. She used the litter box.

Low #4: June 17 – Mona took her last dose of buprophenal the night before. When it was time for the next dose of Medicam I tried to get her out of the closet where she was sleeping with the shoes. She jumped over me and ran really fast down the hall, turned the corner and body slammed the wood-screen door and escaped outside. I did not find her for 26 hours.

High #5: I met a lot of wonderful concerned people when looking for Mona. Also petfinders.ca was putting together a search party when I found Mona in a cupboard under a landing in my garage. What did I learn? Just because you look one place once, check again, she might be there! Mona was fine. She ate and I had my biggest cried through this whole ordeal.

High #6: Mona wants to go outside but I won’t let her until her staples and sutures come out. After 2 weeks they were removed. I let Mona out the patio door and she sat on the deck in the wind and warm rain for 1.5 hours, just loving the smell of freedom. She scratched at the patio door (yay!) to come in to sleep on her rocking chair. Ahhh, life is good.


Doing what Mona does best
Doing what Mona does best

High #7: Mona has lost weight. But my sister pointed out that she lost a leg – that was probably the weight. Once she’s stabilized I need to focus on her weight as she has a cute little buddha belly.

High #8: The lump was a fibrosarcoma and Mona’s lymph nodes are clear.

High #9: I moved back to my bed upstairs and Mona joined me under the covers for a snuggle the next morning. This has been part of her morning ritual. My girl is back.

Mona’s Sitting Posture

With her left front leg gone she now sits with the right front leg directly in the centre but sometimes her paw is turned in (like pidgeon-toed) and then she places her back left leg further forward than her right.

Food and Supplements

I’m concerned about Mona’s joints. She won’t eat food with a glucosamine supplement added so I’ve been trying other foods that have joint supplements in the food. No luck so far. Somehow my cats both like or dislike the same foods. They communicate in some way: “What do ya think? Should we eat this one or not?” “Nah, it has something smelly in it, I’m not eating it” “Ok then, I won’t eat it either”

"There's something new in our bowls. We'd better discuss if we want to eat it or not."
“There’s something new in our bowls. We’d better discuss if we want to eat it or not.”

I’ve seen lots of progress in Mona’s recovery since the staples came out. It’s been very hot and she seems lethargic but is good finding the cool places to sleep. One is under a bush next to my pondless stream. She still seems to have a fantasy that she’ll pounce out on to a bird drinking in the stream. I don’t believe she’s caught a bird yet but she can still dream.

There have been more highs than lows and I don’t regret the decision to amputate. Mona is 8 years old and I expect her to be with me for many more years. I can hear Mona walking – she now has a rhythmic thump – I’ve come to love that sound.

Any and all questions or helpful tips are welcome. I’m here to support anyone going through the amputation surgery and recovery and to learn from you. Thanks for this fabulous website!

Mona chose her ribbon for the Tripawd Tribute Leash
Mona chose her ribbon for the Tripawd Tribute Leash



10 thoughts on “Highs and Lows and Mona Today”

  1. MONA!!!!! You are quite a handful!!

    This is one of THE most DELIGHTFUL updates and commentary I have read in a very long time! You have me grinning ear to ear!

    MONA!!! Don’t you dare run away again and scare your momma like that!!! OMC! Humans get really upset over things like that so behave y o ur sweet self!

    And yeah, weight loos would be the leg and just from the stress of surgery and re c overy, etc. Just get her to eat anything that’s halfway good for her for now and get her plumped up! Being a lean tripawd is definitely advantageous though!

    I just love the photos and the fact that she “picked” her pretty tribute leash!!! Can’t wait to see.the.finished.product!

    Thanks.again for the siles today! Sounds like Mona is.having a splendid life.and a.hugely successful.recovery!

    Kee p these posts.coming!

    Hugs to.all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    1. Thanks Sally, Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle. Sound like you have a joyous household.

      I knew Mona would chose red because it looks good on her. I think if was her choice she would be a foofoo cat and wear a rhinestone collar. I will add some sparkle to her ribbon.

      Enjoy your day and hugs and ear scratches to your 3- or 4-legged family.

      Kerren and Mona

  2. It is wonderful to see some more pictures of the gorgeous Mona! She’s looking fabulous and sounds like she’s doing pretty well too. Of course not everything can be perfect, but that’s OK!

    What a little stinker escaping during recovery! I would have LOST IT! Silly cat.

    For joints I give Sebastian Dasuquin (there’s one for cats). It’s a powder you sprinkle on their food. I don’t know if it’s making a difference but he runs around like always, never any limping. He’s about 8 years old too so I figure it’s just a good proactive approach.

    And yep, the classic tripawd kitty thump. You can hear them coming from clear across the house!

    Keep up the good work, Mona (and behave!!)

    Jenn and Sebastian

    1. Hi Jenn and Stunningly Handsome Sabastian,
      Well I did lose it when Mona went missing. I could not function. I have a flexible workplace so I was able to work at home during Mona’s recovery. When she went missing a couple of co-workers went into full gear contact petfinders, local facebook pages, the radio station, etc. They also arranged for a Jack Russell Terrier to come over to sniff her out! What great co-workers. When she was found my supervisor said that finally they could get some work done.

      I tried Feline Recovery (a powder glucosomine supplement) which they rejected but it’s worth trying other brands. I’ll start comparing different ones. My vet told me they did a study of x-rays submitted of cats 10 years and older and it was found that the majority had arthritis so I’m looking at something for both of my cats.

      Mona is behaving these days. She’s on the deck, patio or under a bush from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm and just comes in for meals, to be brushed or say hello, and sometimes to use the litter box (!?).

      Kerren and Mona

  3. Just realized Dasuquin is glucosamine….hmmm, have you tried putting it in like a little meatball of wet food? You don’t have to give her a lot and fatten her up, just enough to put the medicine in it!

  4. Mona you are looking great! I am glad you are zipping around the house and so glad to hear your lymph nodes are clear! It’ll take some time I’m sure to get used to your new life. Jill needed some adjustments as well!
    Tell your mom to keep us posted!
    Erica & Tripawd Kitty Jill

    1. Thanks Erica,
      For some reason your comment ended up in pending, whatever that means. I’ve seen Jill’s blog – what a cuddler and so cute. Mona is stalking butterflies these days. Obviously she is stronger because she’s balancing very well while moving extremely slow and isn’t thumping while doing it. Her rehab vet told me they have to go slow to build up the strength so I’m glad Mona is doing her exercises!
      Hope all is well with Jill.

      Kerren and Mona

  5. Oh my! Mona has been keeping you on your toes!

    Now Mona, that was not very nice to scare your lovely mommy like that. You best behave now.

    Cute ribbon. She looks very pleased with it! I keep hearing about them, but I’m not sure if Smore can make one since she isn’t a cancer survivor. I should probably find out. I’ll probably make one just for fun if not.

    What all do you know about joint supplements and the glucosomine? I’ve asked my vet and the teaching hospital that did Smore’s surgery, but they weren’t familiar with three legs being a cause of arthritis. What have you read?

  6. Good morning Smore and mama,

    The Tripawd Tribute Leash project is for all tripawd pets, whether they lost the leg from cancer or not. So far they only have ribbons for dogs and would like cats. You can run a search for details on the ribbons on the forum link.

    I don’t know much about joint supplements. I understand some foods for senior cats have glucosamine and chondroitin and other foods to reduce joint inflammation. The other option is a supplement, such as Dasuquin that Sebastian takes (see comment above).

    Mona’s xray on the front leg that was removed showed signs of arthritis in the wrist. Smore is just a kitten, right? I would think that she will be okay for many years but could develop arthritis earlier than most cats due to the one leg doing the work for two. Perhaps others would know more about this.

    I’m going to take Mona to a vet who practices traditional chinese medicine and chiropractic to get some other suggestions. I’ll post what I learn here.

  7. This is pawesome reading (sorry she gave you so many scares!) and SO helpful for others, thank you thank you thank you. I’m glad that things all turned out OK, she is a spunky gal isn’t she?!

    We would LOVE to hear about the vet visit so yes, do post away. Thanks for contributing to the community, this is just priceless.

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