Mona’s Histology

Today I took my cats in to the vet. Mona, who had her leg amputated in June due to VAS, went just for a weigh in. Eli, for his yearly health checkup and to discuss vaccines.

I got a copy of Mona’s histology report that stated the amputation obviously captured all of the main tumor mass, which was very invasive and it was difficult to determined exactly where the tumor began and ended. The diagnosis was a high grade fibrosarcoma with complete excision, virtually certain to be postvaccinal sarcoma. To see this in writing I now know we did the right thing for Mona. The pathologist stated the margins were huge and that there’s little metastatic risk, at least within the usual postoperative follow-up intervals found in published literature. There is no study with 5 or 10 year postoperative data. Hey after this scare, I’ll take any amount of time.

I know this isn’t the same for all of your kitties and doggies. I feel very sad for those who continue to deal with the cancer on an on-going basis. Although I can breathe a bit easier I’ll still massage Mona daily feeling for lumps.

Although, Mona now cries in the car going to the vet (she didn’t do that before the amputation), my big strong boy Eli yowls in fear. Mona went in a box, Eli in a cage. This is how they went home with Eli (on the left) being “comforted” by Mona:

Eli&Mona in a box


I sure love these two!

Kerren and Mona the Comforter, who won’t let Eli near her at home.


5 thoughts on “Mona’s Histology”

  1. All in all, a good update!!!

    And the pictures are soooo cute. I certinly can understand why Mona is not excited about going to the doctor! But Eli, what’s your excuse?

    Yes, these two are very loved…and they love you back!!!

    Good job everybody!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  2. Congrats on GREAT NEWS!!! The picture of them in the box together is cracking me up. Maybe this trip will bring them together at home LOL.

  3. Sally, Eli has no excuse to be scared. He’s just a big whiney baby but at least he’s gentle with the vet. However, at home he is the big, strong, fierce protector of Mona and the property.

    Elizabeth, I could only hope they will become closer. Eli would love to cuddle with her but Mona won’t have it. At least they don’t fight.

    And yes, it is great news about Mona’s health. Thanks for rejoicing with us.

    Kitty cat head butts to your furry family,

    Kerren and Mona

  4. Awww kitties! No more vet visits now that you got a clean bill of health, at least for you Mona. Yay for getting all of the yuckiness out. That is wonderful news and we all dance and celebrate this with you!

    Did I tell you how glad we are that you’re here? You and your Momma have added so much wisdom to the community. Losing a leg can sure suck but you’ve really made the best of it and even made the world a better place by offering help to others who are going through their own cancer battles. Thank you for that!

    We are looking forward to lots more adventures with you.

  5. I know I’m bit late to the party here, but congrats to you and Mona! 🙂 That is fantastic news. I know what a relief it was to get this news about Vinny recently too.

    Amazing! 🙂 xo

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