Black Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know that black cats are the least adoptable over all other fur colours?  Black cats in the US are put to sleep at a rate of nearly five times over all other coloured cats.

When I volunteered at our local SPCA I noticed potential adopters were bypassing black cats. So I adopted two of the ones that chose me – Eli and Mona.

Here’s Eli, my short hair male, now 10 years old:

Eli sleeping at the stream
Eli sleeping at the stream

And here’s Mona, my longer haired female, now 8 years old:

Mona hiding from birds and butterflies
Mona hiding from birds and butterflies

I heard it’s due to myths and superstitions that black cats have a hard time getting adopted, yet in many other cultures black cats are a sign of good luck. Today, some people refuse to adopt black cats or surrender them to shelters because they think they don’t photograph well in “selfies”!!

Black dogs suffer the same fate as black cats, not due to superstition, but due to other misconceptions. Please help to spread the word that black cats and dogs are just as loving, smart and wonderful as any other cat or dog.

Kerren, Eli and Mona

6 thoughts on “Black Cat Appreciation Day”

    1. Happy black cat day to you Elizabeth and your raven-haired beauties: Baby and Pearl and black dog Angel Jake! They know how to take “selfies” – it’s all in the lighting, which I’m not so good at.

      Hugs and scratches to all of our black family members.

  1. Yay for black cats! 🙂 I love my two black kitties dearly.

    I’ve heard about this unfortunate situation before too… and it’s the same for dogs! 🙁 How sad.

    Hugs to all the wonderful black cats and dogs all around the world today! <3 <3 🙂 xoxo

    1. Vinny is certainly an adorable black cat, as is his sister, although a bit of a blurr. She’s a character! Hmmm, I have black cats to hug today but no dog. I need to go out to a park and find one.

      Enjoy your day Vinny and sister.

  2. Thank you for reminding us about this very important message, it’s crazy isn’t it?

    When we adopted our Wyatt, who has a very dark, black face, we noticed the discrimination right away. So weird.


  3. I always assumed it was due to the black cat superstition too, but that doesn’t explain dogs! So weird!! I love my black-haired boy, Dalamar <3 His mama, Juniper, was a beautiful black kitty, too!

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