Mona – a recent feline amputee

My female cat Mona had her front left leg amputated because of a vaccine site sarcoma. Here’s a photo of her after surgery.

This is my first posting. I’ll add more later once I figure out how this works! I’m here to support other amputees and hope to learn from others experiences.

By the way Mona is doing great and is spending her days hiding under a bush near a stream, keeping cool, and hoping to catch a bird in the stream. Thankfully she’s never been successful but it’s always good to have a goal…


Two days after surgery
Two days after surgery

5 thoughts on “Mona – a recent feline amputee”

  1. Welcome Mona! What a beauty! I’m a little partial to black cats. My Sebastian had his amputation due to cancer 4 months ago and he’s doing awesome! It’s great to hear that Mona is doing so well after her surgery. I look forward to more updates and photos!

    Jenn and Sebastian

  2. OH Mona you are ADORABLE! We are so glad you joined us, because YES, every story helps and especially TriKitty stories, we need more. As you can see we started out as a K9 community but that’s cause we never knew any 3-legged cats. More and more, felines have been joining us (and our website design is slowly becoming more cat-friendly too! stay tuned for a re-launch soon). I’m so glad you’re here, and hope that you have an easy peasy recovery. You sure look good!

    By the way have you seen these other TriCat bloggers?

  3. Thanks for the welcome Jerry. Yes, Mona is adorable. She has short legs, long body and a buddha belly. I think she looks a bit like a cartoon character!

    This site is excellent and I will add more info and photos of Mona and her progress. I’ve looked at some of the cat blogs and will look at the rest.

    Thanks, Kerren & Mona

  4. Welcome Kerren and Mona! I can’t wait to hear more of Mona’s story 🙂 My kitty, Kender, just had her left rear leg amputated on Thursday and is doing pretty well so far.

    1. Hello Melinda and Kender. It’s good to hear that your kitty is well on her way with her recovery. I’ll spend some time today with Mona’s blog. She is back to her happy self (her tail is always up) but is not very energetic these days – I’m not sure if it’s due to her amputation or from the heat. We’ve had a heat wave for about a month now and my cats really slow down and are very creative at finding the cool spots. I’ll post more but free to ask any questions about Mona. One thing that Mona really enjoyed was the canned kitten food the vet sent home with her to get her protein levels up. Cheers from Vancouver Island.

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